Kabell Konsulting ApS

Our mission


Strong organizations require innovation and learning, and strategic decisions require deep analysis and often reframing of issues as well as good stakeholder dialogue.


Evidence based decision making provides a rational, credible basis for decisions. It makes for better decisions, strengthens policy and programmes and helps provide more convincing arguments and advocacy.   It is the basis for "managing for results".


Building cases on objective evidence elevates discussions and helps professionalize the debate around new initiatives, or around performance of ongoing or completed initiatives.


And in our competitive world there is also an increasing need to be able to demonstrate and document results, and to know and understand how they were achieved.   In all sectors, in all professional fields, in all companies and institutions - even at the individual level - is this a must.


Kabell Konsulting is dedicated to enhancing the results focus and bringing a performance management perspective to development assistance, and to provide the basis for sound decision making.



Our discipline requires applying a set of specific professional values in the work we do, to maintain the quality we strive to deliver.  We consider the following values as fundamental for delivering a high-quality product:

  • Clarity
  • Integrity  
  • Specificity
  • Being systematic
  • Cultural intelligence

In addition, in all we do alone or with our partners, we make assumptions explicit, we value empirical evidence, and we always separate statements of fact from interpretations and judgements.



We subscribe to the OECD/DAC Evaluation standards (pdf). We find these standards useful for evaluative assignments, but also find that they hold sound guidance for other types of less methodologically rigorous analytical work.   We also work with various variations of the Excellence model for organizational development.



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